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Ripped opened FreeAgent Pro 750 GB, finally!

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I don’t generally give reviews for any products as there are plenty out there. But I have had some complaints with FreeAgent Pro 750Gb external drive since I bought it.
Mainly related to
1. Over heating of the base (the detachable module)
2. System lockups
3. Choppy performance, performance drop after running the drive for few hours.

The performance is good when you turn on the drive then it gradually degrades 😦 I’ve tried moving/copying several GBs of stuff on to the drive and it does work great (when it does).

I bought this drive mainly because of it has the eSATA port and can deliver up to 300MB/sec bandwith (I doubt usb or firewire for that matter anything can beat this. Stats for the same).
You need eSATA port on your PC/Laptop as well to use this. My Asus G1S-A1 has one.

I tried installing various drivers but in vane, the drive still show signs of problems.

Finally I gave up and decided to shell out few more bucks on an external eSATA enclosure. I bought MagDog 3.5″ eSATA enclosure for $28. You have to be careful while removing the drive from the Seagate FreeAgent enclosure. You can find instructions on the web. There’s a youtube video that shows how to open this baby. Once I transfered the drive (which is Segate barracuda 7200.11) the performance has been consistent and haven’t had heating issues.

I was able to run some tests on it using the HD Tach utility and the drive gives me about 244MB/sec! (Note: For some reason HD Tach utility kept running after I had closed it – finally had to kill and eventually uninstall it).


Written by Vivek Unune

May 4, 2008 at 5:51 am

Posted in Hardware

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