Random Noise

cat /dev/random >> /dev/dsp

Linksys EA9500 GPIOs

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Function GPIO # Active Low/High
Reset Button 10 Active Low
WPS Button 3 Active Low
WPS LED 22 Active Low
WIFI Button 16 Active Low
WIFI LED 0 Active Low
USB0 LED 1 Active Low
USB1 LED 2 Active Low
LOGO_LED 4 Active High
WHITE_BARS_LED 5 Active High
BLUE_BAR1_LED 12 Active High
BLUE_BAR2_LED 13 Active High
BLUE_BAR3_LED 15 Active High -> Low
BLUE_BAR4_LED 18 Active High
BLUE_BAR5_LED 19 Active High
BLUE_BAR6_LED 20 Active High
BLUE_BAR7_LED* 21 Active High
BLUE_BAR8_LED 8 Active High
USB0Enable 13 Active High
USB0Enable 14 Active High


*Next Hardware iteration will use GPIO 23 for BAR7_LED


Written by Vivek Unune

February 2, 2017 at 8:53 pm

Posted in linux, openwrt

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